Key elements of a successful recruitment process are a clear definition of the sought-after profile, constant communication, promptness and support provided by a dedicated consultant over the entire course of the recruitment project.

The approach we use to manage our projects is based on these four parameters of success:


Each search mandate starts with an extensive briefing session with the client. This is a very important element of the search, because all key aspects of the position to be filled are discussed during this session. Understanding the culture and strategy of the company as well as the dynamics within the team is important to us in order to be able to determine which type of personality would be the best fit for the position to be filled.

Closely involving all stakeholders at this stage of the recruitment project creates a clear starting point and thus the basis for filling the position successfully for the long term.

Tasks and Requirements

The briefing will result in a detailed profile of the candidate and position.

These profiles describe the tasks of the future holder of the position as well as the organizational environment and the position’s integration into the organization. These defined parameters are also used to establish a competency profile of the successful candidate. In addition to the candidate’s professional requirements, the profile clearly defines the required personality traits.

Based on this briefing, we recommend and jointly determine the least expensive and least time-consuming combination of the different search methods.

Search Methods

The search methodology generally consists of the following recruiting options:

  • Searching suitable candidates in our network (MainKader Consulting & Fricke Finance & Legal)
  • Direct approach by our own, professional research team
  • Network recommendations (MainKader Consulting & Fricke Finance & Legal)

If necessary, additional online package (active sourcing + advertising in suitable media) tailored to the individual position to support the candidate search

The individual methods are combined according to the individual requirements of the recruitment process.

Selection of candidates (Shortlist)

Depending on the search method and position to be filled, we will provide you with a list of suitable candidates within 2 to 3 weeks. Out of all potential candidates, we will set up a short-list of suitable candidates we have evaluated in a face-to-face interview with regard to their theoretical knowledge as well as operational and social skills.

If possible, we will complete the selection of candidates with a reference check. We will then promptly compile all relevant documents of the suitable candidates and will provide you with their CVs and other important information you need for decision-making, such as their notice period, current income, and a description of their most important personality traits.

Interviewing and selection techniques

In our face-to-face interviews with the candidates, we always pursue two goals: On the one hand, we want to represent our clients as best as possible, give potential candidates a clear idea of the company and the position in question, and show them what opportunities this position can provide.

On the other hand, we want to get to know the candidate as best as possible in order to see what their personal goals are and what motivates them to get out of their comfort zone. This (partially standardized) interviewing approach allows us to evaluate qualifications as well as operational and social skills. If necessary, the selection of candidates is supported by reference checks or aptitude tests.

Our candidate recommendations include a comprehensive description of the candidate’s career path, a summary of experiences and skills, personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to the position, information on the salary package (current salary / target salary), as well as a description of the candidate’s motivation for a job change (family situation, location, any non-competition obligation, etc.).


We make sure that the interviews with our clients – from appointment coordination and additional support to getting feedback both from the candidate and the client – run as smoothly as possible. We know that it is essential to always stay in touch with both parties in order to be able to clarify any issues as an intermediary. Satisfying all stakeholders and bringing the process to a successful completion is very important to us.

Decision process and phase of integration

Especially during the contract offer stage, we will be in close touch with you and the successful candidate – as an independent advisor – and will support you in the final selection process. This is also true for the contract negotiation stage. Finally, we will track the integration of the candidate into your company by staying in touch with both contractual parties.